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The Breakfast Club

by Roasting Warehouse

The Breakfast Club

Welcome to the Breakfast Club by Roasting Warehouse,

As a cafe driven by community, everyday moments shared between customers, our team and everyone else in between is what makes our home and 'The Breakfast Club' so special.

The Breakfast Club homage to those beautiful yet mundane experiences, over coffee. We've cherished the beauty of these everyday moments and now we want to share them with the rest of the world. The blend represents what it means to be a Melbournian who creates community.

With flavours of Maple Syrup, Honey and Malt. Chocolate, honey and nut aromas. It's in the medium body of the blend that makes The Breakfast Club By Roasting Warehouse- enjoyable for everyone.

Each experience is different from the next we're inviting you to share what your 'Breakfast Club' looks like, with us.

The Breakfast Club

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